Healthy/Holistic Lifestyle Course

Research finds that we can heal and prevent many health issues through living healthier lifestyles. Business management and employees become more purposeful, creative, and take less sick days. As a bonus, medical insurance costs drop significantly. This course shares with you the benefits and application of some of the more enjoyable healthy lifestyle gifts including: aromas, colors, foods & spices, and more. For example, what EEG sounds enhance confidence, focus, motivation & creativity? What aromas eliminate airborne viruses and flus, bring joy/remove depression; what spices improve digestion; what herbs help with various health issues. It is a fun course that helps you and your team move from illness to wellness to prevention to rejuvenation. Gain productivity, save insurance money, and become more successful. (3 hours) [live at your location and online]

About the Author / Expert: Swami Tirtha founded a holistic health certification school 26 years ago. He has presented to the White House alternative medicine commission, wrote an Amazon #1 bestseller, and has spoken at international medical colleges including Johns Hopkins U. His latest book is The Stress-Free College Student. Swamiji is a member of Toastmasters ACS, ALB
Book or Product Name: Healthy/Holistic Lifestyle Course
Book or Product Description: Research finds holistic lifestyle tips reduce stress, increase career meaning, creativity and productivity. There are less absenteeism days and the larger company save millions in health care insurance. This course offers an amazing ROI for your company; it is a win-win opportunity for the company, and the management and employees
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