10 Easy Ways to Prevent Dementia

Teach your viewers how they can prevent what are the 10 easy things they can do to prevent Dementia. These are not complicated exercises that one has to spend a lot of time on. Dr. Grewal offers easy to do suggestions that you can integrate in your daily lives.
Some of them are:

  • Choose a different item every time you go to eat
  • Dance - Dance your way to a better memory
  • How romance can ignite brain cells and keep the memory intact
  • How cooking can help memory
  • Learn a new language
  • Making friends and socializing is good for memory -Help your family get of trouble is also a great exercise for the brain.


About the Author / Expert: Dr. Sandeep Grewal is a board certified physician. Please check author profile by clicking on the name on the right toolbar.
Book or Product Name: Dementia Express: How to Lose Your Memory in 100 Ways
Book or Product Description: This book is written in the form of hilarious advice on how to lose your memory. But surreptitiously it teaches us how not to lose our memory. After all negative advice sticks better!
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