COVID19 : What You May be Doing Wrong Trying to Stay Safe

Dr. Grewal is a media expert in COVID19 and has been on several radio and television shows . During COVID19 pandemic he is making an effort to inform the public about how to keep themselves safe and what not to do. He will also answer questions live if needed from the viewers.

Some questions he can answer:

1) Correct way to keep yourself safe as you navigate the elevators, doors, parks , cars, shops and more.

2) Correct way to open a public door.

3) Use elevators or stairwell?

4) Why wearing a mask in the elevators is a must.

5) and any other medical questions or demo regarding COVID19

About the Author / Expert: Dr. Sandeep Grewal is Chief Medical Officer of SecondClinic Telemedicine.
Book or Product Name: SecondClinic: A Telemedicine Company
Book or Product Description: SecondClinic is providing affordable online doctors visit at just $10 per month for unlimited visits for patients in North and South Carolina. Patients can download the app to see a Board certified physician and get medical advice and written prescriptions if needed from the comfort of their home. During COVID19 our physicians are also refilling medications if patients are not able to contact their physicians.
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