Moms Raising Sons to Be Men - Mom's influence on this Generation

PRESS KIT: MOMS RAISING SONS TO BE MEN (Harvest House Publishers) There’s a war raging for the hearts of boys today. This generation of young men faces pressure like never before—pressure from their peers, pressure from the media, and pressure from a society that routinely paints a picture of the young male as aloof, uncaring, and unmotivated. Make no mistake—our culture is experiencing a major physical, emotional, and spiritual crisis in teenage masculinity. And the crisis of these young men is a crisis for all of us, as today’s boys are the leaders of tomorrow.

What might tomorrow’s world look like if today’s mothers took the responsibility for their sons’ futures and raised courageous young men who seek the heart of God in every situation? Accomplished Christian speaker and evangelist Rhonda Stoppe answers that question in her new release, Moms Raising Sons to Be Men.

Well-acquainted with the struggles faced by modern mothers and sons, Rhonda challenges every mom to hand her son his manhood—and then partner with God in upholding biblical rules and defining clear boundaries while creating an environment in which her son can grow independent and spiritually strong.

From her own experience raising sons, Rhonda will show how a mom can encourage the godly development and shaping of her son’s identity by:
- orchestrating opportunities for young men to develop their courage and hone their decision-making abilities
- preparing sons to pursue an adventurous life lived all-out for God, not one of comfort and worldly accomplishment
- submitting to God’s plan for her son’s future, not her own personal agenda for him
- keeping God as the focus, not academics, sports, or social events
- teaching self-discipline and self-motivation through the use of video games and other forms of entertainment
- instructing boys to have a proper perspective of work
- loosening the reins and surrendering authority to dads and other godly men, recognizing the strong need for young
men to learn from a positive male role model.


-This current generation of young men longs to see genuine, risk-taking Christianity in action. They desperately need heroes who are genuine, passionate, and noble. Our young men are aching for someone to show them—by example—all it takes to live for Christ. There’s a war raging—and moms are the ones who hold the key to victory.
- If we look at current news headlines and media portrayals of young males, their future looks bleak. What are some of the pressures young men face in this modern world?
- How do a mother’s fears of what other people might think affect how she raises her son and molds his character?
- Moms are so used to protecting and nurturing their young sons that they often fail to loosen their grip as they mature. - - What is the danger of continuing to hold on tightly? How can a mom loosen her grip but maintain influence in her son’s life?
- What happens when a mom begins to realize that God’s plan for her son does not look like her own plan for him? -- What can she do to encourage her son to follow God’s call?
- How does playing favorites with your children produce disastrous results? How can a mom treat all of her children fairly and show an equal amount of love and encouragement?
- It’s easy to let academics, sports, and social events take over a family— especially during the adolescent years. How can a mom make sure that God is put first in family life?
- Why is it important that moms teach their sons to discover their identity in Christ? How can a mom allow God to shape her son’s character?
- How can a mom use her son’s access to video games—and other forms of entertainment—as a tool to teach him how to monitor himself?
- What are some age-appropriate tasks boys can be assigned to cultivate a sense of responsibility and a proper perspective of work?
- How can a mom, especially one used to micromanaging her son’s every decision, create an environment that allows her son to make choices—and sometimes fail?
- What does it mean to “hand your son his manhood”? What does this look like in a practical way?
- How can a mom talk to her son about sex and other deep life issues?
- What words of encouragement do you have for single moms?
- How can moms of modern-day prodigal sons find hope?
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