Real Romance - God is More Interested in it than you Think!

MEDIA KIT: Real-Life Romance: Inspiring Stories to Help You Believe in True Love (Harvest House/February 1, 2018/ISBN: 978-0-7369-7141-6/$14.99), Rhonda Stoppe sets out to show that heart-fluttering, long- lasting love is all around us, if we just take the time to look for it.

Stoppe warns Christians not to let the world define romance but to examine how God is at work in the hearts of His people — knitting together hearts in a love that forever endures.

Each chapter tells a real-life account of how God brought together two hearts and intertwined them so completely that their love stands firm regardless of the trials of life. Readers will see how from the highest heights to the depths of sorrow true love shines brightly. They will also discover how God’s plan is for couples to love each other so deeply with His love that their marriage is a light to draw others to know Him.

“Why do love stories draw us in? I think it is because we each long for our own happily-ever-after, and if you’re a mom we pray for our children to find lifelong love as well,” Stoppe writes. “Love stories give us hope and inspire us to believe that true love, forever love, not only exists, but it is alive and well in couples, average couples, whose depth of love for each other makes them anything but average.”

Real-Life Romance is not a marriage self-help book; rather it is a celebration of love stories that honor Christ and are a testament of God’s faithfulness, showing that true love exists and endures...these real-life accounts will bring laughter and tears to readers as they read of ordinary people who found extraordinary love. Stoppe believes audiences will find inspiration to:
-rekindle the romance in their love story,
-trust in God’s providence and timing,
faithfully hope for their own happily-ever-after, celebrate true romance,
-and believe in lifelong love.

Stoppe wrote Real-Life Romance with the desire to meet readers, whether the readers are married, divorced, widowed or single, where they are and fill them with hope and inspiration, not only for their own happily-ever- after, but for generations to come.

“At first I thought I was writing this book for married people, to inspire them to rekindle the passion in their own relationship as they recall God’s providence in their own love story,” Stoppe explains. “As I wrote, however, it became apparent this book is also for single people (from teens to adults) who not only love a good love story but are also waiting for God to guide them to their own happily-ever-after. If it’s His will for you to marry, He is able to bring two hearts together to fall in love with each other and spend the rest of their lives glorifying Christ together.”

Suggested interview questions
-Real-Life Romance shares real-life accounts of ordinary people who found extraordinary love. How did you find and collect the stories included in your new book?
-It’s important to point out that Real-Life Romance is not a marriage advice book. Who did you write the book for, and what was your intent?
-When people think of romance, candles and roses come to mind. What actually is romance, at least from your point of view?
-When did you first realize you were in love with your husband, Steve?
-What lessons did you have to learn about God’s timing after you first met Steve, then later on in your marriage? What advice do you offer to those who may be growing impatient in finding the love of their life?
-How does God fit in with romance and true love between a husband and wife?
-Even though all of the stories tell of a love that has endured, every couple faced their trials too. Some of the couples faced addiction, such as pornography, alcohol and drugs. What is the common thread between couples, and how did they work through their issues to make their marriages stronger?
-How do you and Steve keep the romance alive after 30-plus years?
-Could you share a little bit of one of your favorite stories from the book, aside from your own?
-Both of your daughters and their husbands have faced challenges of their own — challenges many couples face. Can you share a little bit about their struggles with growing their families?
-What encouragement do you offer those who feel they have already lost their chance at love or don’t deserve to find love?
-You close the book with a shorter story about finding a mate to help you run the race. Could you share that illustration?
-What special features will be available on your website to enhance the reader’s experience of reading Real-Life Romance? Watch FREE videos of The Stoppes & others from the book telling their love stories:

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