3 New Years Resolutions EVERY Mom Should Make

Eugene, OR - Rhonda Stoppe teaches moms they are the architects of the next generation. No other calling has the power to influence our culture like parenting. Yet, the average mom faces a daunting task of raising children while trying to navigate a hectic schedule, a full-time job, or being a single parent.

As we enter a new year, Rhonda Stoppe encourages moms to live regret-free in the new year by making three key resolutions that can help moms build-up their family without suffering a nervous breakdown!

Rhonda Stoppe is “The No Regrets Woman” and author of the popular book, Moms Raising Sons to Be Men (Harvest House Publishers, 2013). For over 20 years, Rhonda has served as a pastor’s wife and mentor to help thousands of women learn how to live life with no regrets – especially in the area of parenting.

Rhonda instilled a no-regrets mindset in her two sons, one who serves as an Air Force fighter pilot and the other who has toured with a number of well known Christian bands, including Christian artist, MATTHEW WEST. Matthew says:

“What a powerful perspective! Rhonda has a solid understanding of what the Bible says about mothers and sons, and she uses real-life examples and a tell-it-like-it-is style of wisdom that is needed for this day and age. This book offers great advice for mothers to raise their sons to be men who can affect generations to come.” 
—Matthew West, Grammy-nominated recording artist


-With each new year, moms often realize that they spent the last year simply keeping their heads above water. To become a better mother, what are some realistic resolutions a mother can make for 2014?

-How can a mom, especially one used to micromanaging her son’s every decision, create an environment that allows her son to make choices—and sometimes fail?

-Moms are under a lot of pressure these days to measure up to the opinions of others. What is the danger of raising your kids to impress others? And how can a mom break free from people pleasing?

-Moms Raising Sons to Be Men is endorsed by Matthew West, Phil Joel and Luke Smallbone (for King&Country), what motivated these artists to promote your book?

-Where can we purchase MOMS RAISING SONS TO BE MEN?

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