Burn Fat By Eating Right. Not Eating Less.

There are many myths of eating that you can bust for your viewers. American Board Certified Dr. Grewal is known in the media circles as an expert on weight loss and scientific research on obesity.

He will tell your viewers:
-Why some people seem to be eating all the time but still look slim and others gain weight eating just one time a day.
- Why eating breakfast is so important for losing weight.
- Which weight loss method works the best. It is not Surgery.
- How can we increase our metabolism through the roof by eating right.
- AND best of all ..we do not need exercise to lose weight - it is all about what we eat and how we eat.


About the Author / Expert: Dr. Sandeep Grewal is a board certified physician. Please check author profile by clicking on the name on the right toolbar.
Book or Product Name: Fat Me Not: Weight Loss Diet of The Future
Book or Product Description: Fat Me Not book is a collection of scientific facts that help us lose weight easily. The doctors present interesting articles about research findings in easy to understand form of 'Rat Stories'. The book is full of knowledge on how to lose weight right coming straight from the mouth of weight loss physicians.
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