Adapting History Into Fantasy

Tolkien brought his experiences to Middle Earth, can a modern historian do the same with his own twist on world mythology?

Show idea or Question 1: : Historical figures and fictional characters, how far does the mixture blend?
Show idea or Question 2:: The World View From an Office Window- How much is it to imagine visiting a location closed to tourists for various reasons?
Show idea or Question 3: : Weapons of Legend- Adapted from world myths and brought to film between the 1960's and 80's but lost to a modern audience.
About the Author / Expert: I'm the author of The Legend of Gram Hauteclere book series. Based from my passion for History, Mythology and Literature that's over thirty years in creation.
Book or Product Name: The Legend of Gram Hauteclere
Book or Product Description: A suicidal man must face a sociopathic wizard as the world around them implodes
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