Titanic: The Legacy Remains

One hundred and ten years later, the public still holds the Titanic within view. From films, games, books, and global organizations. Why is that? What makes us want to walk the decks of a dying ship lost over a century ago?

Show idea or Question 1: : Fact vs. Film - What's the most accurate Titanic film? Forget the critics, what do the descendants think?
Show idea or Question 2:: Titanic Voyages Today-From museum exhibitions to opportunities to dive the wreck itself, what options are available for the Titanic fan in your family?
Show idea or Question 3: : Titanic for Educators- With the ship now part of our school criteria for many grade levels, how can the story engage your classroom and encourage research skills?
About the Author / Expert: I'm the former U.S. Ambassador to the Titanic Heritage Trust who has researched every aspect of the Titanic for the past forty-two years.
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