Who makes up the Mature Travel sector?

We hear a lot about 'mature' travellers, what they are looking for in a trip or vacation and how they decide to finally make a booking. But, how do you define 'mature'? 50+ does not help if you are then including good old Babyboomers who are now in their 70s and early 80s. Let's face it, at 50 you are not looking for the same vacation as your 80 year old mother!
Based on global research, this book "Targeting the Mature Traveller: Developing Strategies for an Emerging Market", published by New York publisher BEP February 2021, clarifies definitions and shows different ways bookings are made, blowing away misconceptions about use of online and social media options by older customers.

Show idea or Question 1: : Who wants to be known as 'mature' sector? does it work as a definition? Interesting question if you ask the individual
Show idea or Question 2:: How do you decide what you want from a trip, where do you find the information to make your final choice?
Show idea or Question 3: : what should Tourism and Hospitality sectors include in their marketing strategies to get this profitable target group booking and travelling again/