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How it works

How it works

Members of Media: If you are a member of the media and looking for media experts for your show your membership to the site is completely free. Please use your media agency email so we can easily verify your credentials. We will not misuse or pass on your contact info to anyone. You can browse and connect with vetted Media experts and book them for your show. We do ask that after the show please rate the Media Expert so we can make it easy for you to find great experts. 

Media Experts: Help the media create a show they can broadcast by giving interview or advice  on radio, television, magazines, newspapers or even podcasts. Get your word out there.  Appear in the media with your book, product or expertise. Earned media is the best and most effective marketing.  If you wish to offer your expertise to the media outlets such as Television, Radio, Magazines or Podcast please create an account by clicking here then you will receive an email with further instructions for payment method. But we do verify each author or expert before you can list your pitch to the media. It may take up to 5 business days for us to conduct the due diligence. 

Currently we are accepting limited early adopters by invitation or for those who registered on the website directly, via an approval process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the advantages of having an AuthorSheet? 
AuthorSheet puts you in front of the media looking for experts to talk on their shows or in print. Usually in return for your expertise and contribution, they will mention your book or your product and give it a media exposure that may be worth thousands of dollars. On National networks such exposure may be worth millions and puts your book or product or brand out from the unknown to a household name. 
Also AuthorSheet is designed with media producers in mind. So you can send a link to your AuthorSheet page whenever contacting a media. They will know you are a verified Media Expert, will be more likely to respond to you. You will be presenting your information in the way they like to read - quick and to the point. And that improves your chances of getting on the media to a whole new level.

Q. Why do I have to go through an approval process to be listed? 
We are very selective about who is listed on the AuthorSheet. After all we want to give the media producers, journalists and reporters a clutter-free Media Expert search that they can rely on. This vetting process not only increases the confidence of the Media on AuthorSheet but also increases the chances of our Media Experts listed on AuthorSheet to get more media opportunities. 
Since we are selective in accepting applicants, we promptly refund any subscription fees paid to us if an application is rejected. There is also an appeal process for rejections

Q. Why do I have to pay a subscription fee to be listed?
If you are an early adopter your membership is free. For others, yes, your subscription fee covers server hosting and programming costs to maintain as well as pay for our Selection Board Members, Staff and other general business expenses. A subscription fee also keeps only the serious Media Experts on the AuthorSheet so we are able to offer quality  and willing experts to the Media searches.

Q. Do you guarantee a media appearance if I am listed on AuthorSheet?
We cannot guarantee a media appearance as it depends on your field, your book or product, the timeliness of your suggested topics or questions, and the needs of the media. But while you are waiting for your first media opportunity you can continue to send your AuthorSheet page link to the media, whenever you contact them to increase your chances. So your money is not wasted having an AuthorSheet profile. Think of it as a Media Resume written in a way the media likes it.

Q. How long the review and approval process take? What do you look for? 
Usually we review and make a decision on an application within 5 business days or less, as long as we are able to verify your information. 
Although we do not disclose what we look for, to maintain integrity of our approval process, there are some things that can get you approved faster such as
- Having a book, website, blog or product in that field. 
- Having a degree or an award in that field.
- Working for a company in that field.
- Founded a company in that field.
- Significant life experience on a topic or a field
- A topic that you are passionate about and want to talk about it. 

For faster processing: Provide an email address that links you to a book, product, blog  or company. It helps us differentiate you from an impersonator. 

Q. Who provides the profile page or listing  information? Can I edit it later?
Once your status is changed to a verified Media Expert, you will be able to list your media pitches in several categories. Currently you will be able to list media pitches in more than one category but that may change for later subscribers.